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Our commitments

Durable materials for timeless pieces.


We believe there is no perfect material; no silver bullet when it comes to manufacturing accessories.

For those who are comfortable with buying animal products, our commitment is simple: for each product, we provide all the information required to make an informed choice. Scroll for more information on how our bags are made.


We only work with tanneries that can certify the country of origin of the hides. And we only work with hides from North America.

Our Italian tannery obtained a traceability certificate (TS SC 410, delivered by the Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector) with a score of 92/100 (“excellent”). It is available here.


Our leather comes from an Italian tannery, which received a silver a rating by the Leather Working Group — its certificate is available here. The LWG audits tanneries to assess their performance against environmental, social, and governance metrics.

Like all tanneries located in the European Union, it must comply with the REACh regulation, which strictly controls the use of chemical substances.


Our bags are manufactured in a small town in Andalusia, where three out of four leather bags in Spain are made. To develop our collection, we partnered with a family-owned company that shares our values of transparency and openness.

Established in 2010, the factory works for luxury houses as well as smaller brands. It is 94% self-sufficient in electricity generation thanks to solar panels.


Hardware is another key component when making leather goods. We developed custom trapeze rings, made of zamak (a zinc alloy), galvanized in nickel. They are manufactured in Portugal, in the Porto area.

Some of our bags feature a two-toned magnetic metal clasp, with a gold and silver finish, which is manufactured by a French company, with facilities in France and China.


All our bags use a microfiber lining, with a suede-like finish — soft and fiery. Microfiber is a highly technical material, which makes it ideal for lining: it will protect the content of your bag, especially screens. 

Manufactured in Spain, to minimize transportation, it incorporates 51% of recycled polyester, and is certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard).