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rewrites men’s

Playing with masculinity, we craft accessories that reflect who you are, not who you should be.⁠

Founder's note

For a while, I thought I had figured out what it means to be a “real man”. Tough, pragmatic. I thought being confident meant never showing how you really feel.

Bags, like sensitivity, have long felt forbidden — they carry a weight, a notion that they're not for me. But they also hold a strange allure, in the way that they challenge masculinity.

With Brazier, I want to excavate the long-buried parts of ourselves. I want to rewrite men’s accessories into bags that reflect who we are, not who we should be.

Brazier represents everything that I tried to suppress — a flame I attempted to extinguish, and now seek to revive. “Vois tout au fond de moi, ce brasier qui ne s’éteint pas” sings Étienne Daho in “Le Brasier”, from which the brand takes its name.

Brazier is a fire, but it doesn’t burn. It’s a quiet fire.

The fire within.

— Dimitri Nouveau